We build, incubate, and grow digital businesses centered around communication technology.

Companies & projects


We work with high-impact startups and accelerate their growth through our incubation program. We also invest €10K to €100K in select early-stage startups from the program.

Have an idea? Send us your pitch@o15y.com.

Our team

O15Y was founded in 2019 by Florian Overkamp and Anand Chowdhary. Florian is the founder and Chief Entrepreneur of Speakup and Anand is the founder and CEO of Oswald Labs.

Together, O15Y companies have a strength of over 30 people in the Netherlands and India.


We organize and sponsor startup events, hackathons, community meetups, educational competitions, and more. Our previous sponsorships include NESST and BharatHacks. We also believe in open innovation and devote part of our time to contributing to open-source projects.